Monday, April 13, 2009

so much easter fun

we had a lot of fun this easter weekend we kicked it off with egg decorating with our friends the Wilson's

here is my girls and there friend garret getting ready to die eggs

here are our beautiful eggs and only one that cracked hooray

ruby's favorite pink egg

After decorating eggs Tiff blew bubbles outside for the kids it was fun. I think we were all excited to do some activity's outside again winters here are way to long.

here is a good one of all of us with our eggs this was way fun even if tiff and I did most of the decorating. We decorated eggs again later that day at our friends the james but i forgot my camera of corse.

The next day we went to a local egg hunt ruby fell on the race out to the eggs and through a huge fit about her shoe coming off by the time she was done crying the egg hunt was long over.

we did get a fun picture with the easter bunny and some one else had a real bunny there that was fun!

After that we went to a card board box derby it was really cool I only took Ruby with me and i am glad to because we had to hike up the ski hill to get to where they were racing the boxes. we brought some of our neighbors kids with us too i was glad they came they liked it more then ruby and kept her entertained.

they dont just ride down in boxes this entry was in the kids run and the kids in this box were from 4-8 they made there box into a jail cell and had little jail costumes so cute.

here is ruby and i with our neighbor and friend alexis thanks for coming with us lexie.

this one did make it to the bottom it was originaly a house and these guys were so funny in there costumes screaming the whole way down they are crazy!

this one by my opinion was the best a john deer back hoe it did not make it to the bottom though what a bummer.

I have some more pic and a video of easter morning but they are not loading to blogger so i will post them later.

Monday, April 6, 2009

shows that get me talking

Ok so I have added some fun gadgets or whatever they are called to my side bar of to shows that I love to talk about not necessarily my fav just get me bla bla blaing. The office is probably my fav right now. It makes me cry and pee my pants at the same time. Well back to lost and dancing with the stars fist lost. I have been a fan from the begging ok 1/2 through the begging the first episode I saw was I think like 5-or 6 episodes in with my mother in law who got me into it. Thanks a lot Lou now see what you have done. Well I told my hubby that he should give this show a try and I thought it was good. Well he was really busy with school and work and could not watch every episode. So we decided to watch the whole fist season together when it was on dvd. Seriously we watched the whole thing in one day I know that is a lot of couch time but we just couldn't stop at one episode we had to know what was going to happen. Well of corse we watch every episode now.The fist 3 seasons we waited until the dvd's came out but it drove us crazy because we would here things about it before it came out it sucked. This season we discovered we can watch it when it is convenient to us on love it. The funny thing about this show is that when they named it lost they did not do it because it is about people who got stranded on some island. No it is because the viewers get lost in what the H is going on. I don't think I have watched an episode this year without saying how much I hate this show. Every time I think I have figured it out they through another plot twist in there, and well I am lost all over again. If you have not seen this show do not watch it because no matter how much it drives me crazy I keep watching, stupid show. all right before this gets to long oh wait it all ready has just one thing about dancing with the stars. Not a fan but I love Jack Ass and Steve O is my fav so please if ya watch it save Steve o and Lacie k. That is it hopefully those dumb people get off that dang island soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ruby's self hair cut

So as you probably got from the title Ruby decided to cut her hair apparently she was trying to see if she could bring back mullets. Well let me lay out this tragedy for you, So there I was trying to clean up our apartment ( which is a total waste of time with my kids) I had just gone into the kids room and they were happily playing with there toy's so I went back to my cleaning. I was under my table vacuuming in all the corners and right up against the wall and I was trying to hurry and finish it, it was the last thing I was going to do. Well I think I took to much time getting those corners because when I turned of the vacuum I could hear that my kids were in the bathroom now. So my phone rang and it was my husband, I told him to hang on because the kids were in the bathroom he said you better get in there I think I left scissors out. As soon as that word hit my ears I knew that they had found those scissors so of corse I ran to the bathroom but it was to late Ruby had finished her hair and was starting in on KK's she had a huge hand full of KK's hair in one hand and ready to cut with the other. I screamed ruby don't but apparently ruby herd cut ruby because that is what she did. Then she dropped the scissors and ran as fast as she could down the hall screaming sorry, sorry, sorry. OH man it is a good-thing she is faster then me. So while ruby apologized over and over again KK sat there "mommy look' and handing me globs of hair she was so proud of there new hair cuts. So I went to find Ruby and she had put herself in time out and I asked her why did you cut your hair she said I didn't want girl hair any more, well that's good because she doesn't have girl hair any more. Here are the pictures I took before we went to try and fix it.

This ones my favorite you can see the mullet the best at this angle.
Business in the front party in the back but this is more of a part all around mullet

This is the top were she basicly cut it as short as she could with scissors good thing she didn't have a razor.

Don't you love how she is smiling like there is nothing wrong with her hair.

Ya know the good thing about blogging for me is I can see the humor or at least the good posts out of a bad experience.
So after I took these pictures I took her to the hair salon where the lady's eye's almost came out of her head when she saw how bad it was. She actually coverd Rubys ears and told me I don't think I can fix this. Well she did the best blending she could and got rid of the party part of the mullet Ruby had created. She has a little Marry Lou Renton kind of cut now with really bad bangs luckily it will grow. The lady that tried to fix Rubys hair didn't even charge me because she said it was the worst she had ever seen, So at least Ruby won that contest. Here what it looks like now.

I put a flower in it it helps hide some of the damage so now let the comments of how this is just a right of passage and how every kid dose it but you all know that your glad it's not your kid.

Monday, February 16, 2009

to avoid laundry

So as most of you know I got in a pretty bad car accident and got a little hurt but I am perfectly fine now. But I am sad to say that a few things in my life have still been effected by this NO, no one else is hurt just my home. After a week of having to stay off my feet and not being able to see I was not able to get much cleaning done and my home was not in good shape especially with a 4 and a 2 yr old to help make sure that the few things I tried cleaning did not stay that way. Well I was doing pretty well by the next week to clean and I did I cleaned like it was my job and every thing was basically spotless except for a load or two of laundry to be put away in my girls room. well they were going down for a nap and I figured after a few hours of some serious cleaning I deserved some much needed rest time. So I popped in Beaches and grabbed some not good for me but oh so yummy snacks. Oh and yes I know that Beaches is a chic flick but every once and a while I find one that doesn't make me barf. Any who so I am at the end of my movie and right in the middle of Bett singing Hero, love her. At this time it is only obvious that my children are awake but I ignored them to finish my movie. Yes I know I am a horrible mom and I deserve what is about to happen to me for not getting up as soon as I herd them waking up. But those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing Beaches know you can not just stop watching especially when Bett is belting out Hero's. ( oh and just for kicks I love over the shoulder boulder holder's ok that is it as far as Beaches goes ) there was maybe 10 min left. Well the movie was over so I decided I could finally pay attention to my children and go check on them now. Now don't forget that I just spent hours cleaning and a lot of that was just on there room and also note that they couldn't have been awake for that long seriously 10 min. Well I am sure you have figured out what I found when I opened there door if you don't know you most likely don't have children or yours are all older and you just don't remember. Well that's right they had managed to destroy there room in only 10 min but my guess was it only took them one, it was getting undressed that probably took so long. So there my kids were completely butt naked in a room you could no longer see the floor too but now i can tell what the closet look's like with no close in it. I must have had an evil look on my face because as soon as I opened the door my children were apologizing "sorry mommy sorry", it sounded more like they were pleading for there lives and they should sound that way because if there was a time I might have beaten my children this was that moment. So of corse I stood there trying to be stunned but couldn't because what kind of a mother would I be to not know that if you leave children unattended for to long things get messy, especially after you clean them. So I did the only thing I could think of scream "time out now" and in my head I was screaming" if you want to live you will get there as soon as possibly and stay as far away from me for as long as possibly." As soon as they were far enough out of harms way I of corse ca-lapsed laughing and crying at the same time. At this time I am like Kronk in Disney's the emperor's new groove talking to my shoulder angles. The devil telling me "you know you should have got up, you know your children hate you and there soul propose is to make you go insane before your 30" and my angle convincing me that "kids will be kids it is only a mess no one is hurt (yet) and nothing is broken it can be cleaned". At this point I just let them argue the rest of it out while I go comfort my children and trying to convince them and myself that it is ok and mommy is not going to kill them ( for now just kidding). Well I did not write this to let you all know how crazy I am or that on this day I came close to beating my children. No I wrote this because it actually took me a week to finally go and clean that room again, ya it took me a week of digging through piles of clothing every day to find close for my kids and then in the end basically having to wash every thing they own because they dumped a bag of chocolate cereal on the mess I was avoiding a few day's latter. Well I am happy to say that I finally cleaned it today along with the rest of my house that was not any where near as bad as there room. All that is left is some of John and mines laundry that I am more or less avoiding by writing this for ever long post. Well nap time is over and this time I am not going to let those kids destroy that room again. Actually I stopped typing half way through to check on them and the room is still clean but the kitchen could not escape them and KK has broken several eggs on the floor and has a path of eggs shells leading to her in the living room. Just further proof that cleaning with a 4 and almost 2 year old is completely point less.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vrabec Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family history - Geneology software

so I always thought kk looked more like john but I guess it is me by 5% so not much but if you scroll down you will see it is more then Ruby.

Vrabec Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family history software - Family tree diagram

So I found this on my friend jamies blog and I just had to steal it I am a little surprised that we were totally equal although I never could figure out who ruby looked like more though so i guess it makes sense. I hope all my friends try this I would love to see there results too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my head on

So friday morning Ruby and I were on our way to Rexburg she was going in for dental surgery she had a lot of bacteria and infection left in her mouth from when she fell out of our second story window and this had caused damage to the teeth so we were going to fix it. As soon as we were done with that appointment we were going to go strait on to Salt lake for my sister's fair well. So john and I decided that I should take our malibu that gets better gas milage then our pilot so I loaded up the malibu. Well that morning it was snowing and foggy and the roads were just horriable Just going from my home in victor to my in laws in Driggs I was scared to death so I told john I just didn't feel right about taking the car I wanted the suv with 4 weel drive but he insisted that I would be fine and we needed to save money and once I got past rexburg the roads would be fine. Well I never made it to Rexburg. While I was driving out there A car decided to pass when they shouldn't have and didn't see the car coming in the other lane and had to hurry and get back over causing me to brake when I did this in a car with no snow tires my back end started to slide in the other lane so I turned my stearing wheel to pull out of the slide and try and stay in my lane but the car in the other lane went into my lane to avoid me and we ended up hitting head on BAMM!! Well after regaining contuness of corse my first thought was of Ruby there were all ready people there and they were telling me she was ok. Then I relized that I couldn't see any thing out of my right eye and all this pain came rushing in to my face and leg. Well they brought me to the nearest hospital where they told me that I have just a very small hair line fracture in my ancle and the it is a pretty bad sprain but the worst was my eye I fractured the plate that your eye sits on and that all around my eye there was swelling from the injury. this made it so I could not see out of my eye today I have my forward vision back and hopefully when the swelling goes down I will get my partheral vision too. The rest of my injuries are just burns from the air bag and some whip lash. But I'll tell you what, it sure makes you appriciate being able to see having even part of your vision gone and I am so glad nothing happened to Ruby. I put some pictures of my car on here but sorry i did not want any pictures of myself taken but i think it looks a lot better then it sounds I just have a black eye now.